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  “…Rachel Madorsky’s well-written, well-documented, well-illustrated, lessons in Karma, becomes a guide in life for personal growth and spiritual ascension.” 







Unveiling Karma










It’s human nature!

Through everyday observations of numerous people surrounding me and from my healing practice, I have discovered specific correlations between health, destiny, past lives, and karma. Thus, the foundation for this book was developed during my interpretation of the profound healing experiences of my patients and their families.

While practicing as a healer and during the half of my adult life when I taught in college, I collected countless stories about personal Karma and how it affects individual health. Since publishing Symphony of Your Karma in 2008, new stories have come to my attention. These are the stories that I believe are necessary to help readers who are looking for explanations of their life difficulties. Each of the accounts you read herein carries metaphysical information that may be far beyond your imagination and may be difficult to grasp or accept. Remember, though, as you consider these that our modern society was not only founded on the existence of materialistic explanation of the body, but of the mind as well.

It is almost impossible to find two persons with identical bodies and the same holds true for destinies. However, we nevertheless constantly consciously or unconsciously compare our bodies and destinies with those of other people. Why? It’s human nature. Classification and comparison make our lives easier, but some things just cannot be compared because they are distinctly different for each individual. Such is the case with destiny.

At the same time, these written stories will help you to navigate the life situations that you face. Everything is possible because human beings are able to recreate their own destinies! We have been granted willpower and the right to choose freely. As we shape our own destinies, we influence the collective and individual Karma that surrounds us.

Just as in my previous books, Symphony of Your Karma and Create Your Own Destiny, the stories you will read here are authentic, true accounts – not embellished or fictionalized. You will read not only about the specific diseases and healing processes of my patients, but also how they underwent complete physical and soul transformations that affected their minds, bodies, and spirits. All of them were able to “rewrite” their own destinies because of their willingness to make life-changing, life-affirming choices and openly consider the karmic influences on their lives.

is filled with optimism and goodwill, and it is my hope that it inspires you to
participate in the reshaping of your own destiny.                                              Rachel Madorsky